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The Love between a Black Woman and an Asian Man

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Wednesday, February 8

Free Audiobook: As a Man Thinketh by James Allen

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Hey y'all!

So remember how I said that I'm on a journey to become unfuckwithable? Well, I'm going to start sharing with you videos that I think will help you to become unfuckwithable too. Because really....

Does anyone's opinion about you really matter? 

Or is your opinion about yourself and your situation way more important? 

Are they paying your bills? 

If the answer to that last one is a resounding no then why even bother listening to them???

So one of the books that I have listened to that has helped me along my journey is this audiobook by James Allen of his famous book "As a Man Thinketh". It basically is teaching you to control your thoughts or to be more mindful of what you're thinking... or, how Oprah once said "live in the present moment".

Allen believes, and now I believe too, that it is our own thoughts that can make us live in "hell" or live in "heaven". This world, this matrix that we live in doesn't discriminate on bad or good. It doesn't understand "bad" or "good". It only sees the contrast. Hot or Cold. Light and Dark. Black and White.

Neither is bad because all is of God. It just brings into your experience that which you focus most on because that's what God thinks you want. You give an order to God when you focus on something long enough--whether or not it's something wanted. So you have to be very clear about only thinking about what you want--and not what you don't want. But I think Allen explains it better than I can in this audio book. Watch it here:


Wednesday, December 28

Why I Stopped Blogging

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안녕 Bumblebees!

If you've been following me for awhile you may have noticed that my blog posts have been far and few in between recently. That I gave up my domain name and now someone else is benefiting from all the backlinks I built up over the past two years. lol. Well, there's a few reasons why I stopped blogging.

When I started blogging about 4 years ago, the blog's original name was "Broke, Fierce and Fabulous". The name was because of an ebay store I had had. I had setup this blog to help send traffic to my ebay listings for beauty products I was selling. As a result I became a powerseller. I was so happy and raking in a couple thousand extra dollars each month in addition to my full-time job. This lasted until eBay closed my account for having too many negative comments within a short period of time.

The problem arose because I went against my promise to myself--don't eva, eva, EVA sell "MAC" products because there are waaaayyyyyy to many fakes and it's difficult to distinguish which ones are real and which ones are fake! But no I went against my better judgement to not sell "MAC" after I saw a long time supplier of mine offering MAC for sale. Cautiously I compared the pictures from the supplier to pictures of real and fake MAC and although I never used MAC myself I was convinced that the MAC my supplier was wholesaling was real. And soon after selling these MAC products my account got closed by eBay. It was a devastating blow.

From there, I continued to blog because I enjoyed it and then I realized I could make money from the blog itself through sponsorships, ads and the like. Since I was already into beauty it felt natural that I would become a beauty blogger. For awhile it was fun receiving new packages of beauty products from brands every other day. I received so much free product in fact that I just didn't have time to review everything. My closet started getting filled with products that I didn't really need or want. I ended up giving much of the product away as gifts to friends and family. Still much is collecting dust in my closet.

As my blog and following grew, so did the amount of money that brands were willing to offer me to review and demonstrate their products on my youtube channel. More and more, I felt the pressure from brands that in return for a free product or a sponsored post that they EXPECTED a positive review. I understand a brand wants to protect the image of its brand but it's hard to be fair to my readers while being fair to a brand who is trying to sell a crappy or expensive-for-no-reason product. Of course, I'm going to tell my readers the truth about your crappy product because without my readers' trust I wouldn't even have this opportunity.

Of course, this attitude didn't sit well with a few brands, of whom I will not name. I didn't want to be a beauty blogger anymore. I didn't want to feel obligated to give a brand a positive review for a crappy product.

Before I quit blogging I asked Moo, my fiance, for advice. He suggested that since the ambw (asian men black women) community was becoming bigger that maybe I should blog about our relationship as a blasian couple. I though this was a terrific idea. I set about to changing the blog's name to "Dianna + Moo" and buying a new domain name.

Well, that only lasted so long because it turns out although it was a brilliant idea that Moo is extremely private. He especially didn't want to appear in any of our vlogging videos. lol. And then the haters came. I learned the hard way that there's a lot of black men in the dark annals of youtube who are profoundly against black women being in interracial relationships. Mind you, I never see them trolling videos of black MEN with non-black women... just black WOMEN with non-black men.

I realize that I did unintentionally bring them to my channel because I was in a facebook group for youtube creators and I recall a fellow creator complaining about all the haters she had trolling her channel. I remember saying to her well I don't have any haters. It didn't take long after I stated that statement that I began to attract A LOT OF HATERS. MOST of which were black men who hated the fact that I was in an interracial relationship and then began to berate me.

If I had a dollar for how many times I've been called a "bedwench" by a black guy I'd be a rich woman. lol They don't realize that them berating black women is exactly what people who want to maintain the racist paradigm of white supremacy want them to do. They want to call me a "coon" not realizing that their own behavior "coonish".

I don't hate "black men". My dad is a "black man". My possible future son who will be of two different cultures will appear to be a black man because of his dark skin. I understand that belittling black men is playing into the racist white man's plan to keep black women and black men in a low, miserable state of being on this earth.

It is in their ignorance that they continue to perpetuate their lowly existence. I didn't want to be dragged into that and so I quit releasing new youtube videos and gave up blogging for awhile. The negativity was just too much. I started thinking wow, I would hate to be in such a state of mind that my only source of entertainment was to troll other people. 

I started self-reflecting and started to look for the truth about our world. I stumbled upon a video called "What the Bleep?" on youtube and my life was changed.

If you're unfamiliar with the video you should seriously consider watching it. It explains how science is day-by-day confirming many of the beliefs of ancient people like the Egyptians. Now, I must confess that I had already had some contact with the metaphysical world by way of The Secret by Rhonda Byrne but this is something that I hadn't practiced in years, had mostly forgotten and had had some doubt in because I didn't see scientific proof that positive thinking worked. This video and many others after that video changed that belief of mine.

Ever since, I have been on a journey to become the greatest version of myself, to seek the truth about the universe we live in and to ultimately become unfuckwithable. And so, it is with great optimism I am announcing that I am changing the name of my blog to unfuckwithable and documenting my journey. I hope this blog will inspire you to become the greatest version of your self as well. Namaste.


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