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Wednesday, February 8

Free Audiobook: As a Man Thinketh by James Allen

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Hey y'all!

So remember how I said that I'm on a journey to become unfuckwithable? Well, I'm going to start sharing with you videos that I think will help you to become unfuckwithable too. Because really....

Does anyone's opinion about you really matter? 

Or is your opinion about yourself and your situation way more important? 

Are they paying your bills? 

If the answer to that last one is a resounding no then why even bother listening to them???

So one of the books that I have listened to that has helped me along my journey is this audiobook by James Allen of his famous book "As a Man Thinketh". It basically is teaching you to control your thoughts or to be more mindful of what you're thinking... or, how Oprah once said "live in the present moment".

Allen believes, and now I believe too, that it is our own thoughts that can make us live in "hell" or live in "heaven". This world, this matrix that we live in doesn't discriminate on bad or good. It doesn't understand "bad" or "good". It only sees the contrast. Hot or Cold. Light and Dark. Black and White.

Neither is bad because all is of God. It just brings into your experience that which you focus most on because that's what God thinks you want. You give an order to God when you focus on something long enough--whether or not it's something wanted. So you have to be very clear about only thinking about what you want--and not what you don't want. But I think Allen explains it better than I can in this audio book. Watch it here:


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